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 temporary withdrawal

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PostSubject: temporary withdrawal   Fri Apr 30, 2010 3:02 am

since my main PC is broken, and above all else too much shit going on in real life here, I have no time or money to play rappelz. I see that this account has been removed as a AL member. altho i spoke to bin about the circumstances..... I my self plan to return to guild as soon as i get a new pc, however seeing as i haved been completely exiled from any and all guild affairs this might be a farewell, depends on what the guild says, as far as why i left i joined a noob guild in order to guide them, this guild is ran by a friend of mine so while i cant play rappelz i can still give advice. the reason i am saying this here is so you dont mistake my guild loyalties. That is all
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temporary withdrawal
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